Learning and Your Creative Business

25 APRIL 2016, 06:29 AM
I am admittedly techno-phobic. There are a lot of times I curse the technology gods for making previously simple things more complicated than I think they should be.
Remember when you could buy a tv, take it out of the box, plug it in and start watching?
Yeah try that today. Between configuring your channels, video set up, and fine tuning the picture, you are not binge watching The Unbreakable Kimmee Shmidt anytime soon.
But even I have to admit there are wonderful things about technology that even I can’t berate. One of those things is the incredible ease with which you can find information on any topic you need. Alot of that credit among other things is YouTube
YouTube is like instant college, trade school, and business class. Anything you can think about is there waiting for you to learn about.
That’s why the Internet can be a creative business’ best friend. You can learn crafts, to cooking, to home repair. All at your fingertips at a moments notice. All you need is a dream. For example, I inherited a beautiful couch that survived many years in someone else’s home only to be destroyed by my three toddlers at the time. It sat there waiting to be hauled to the curb, relagated to the sun porch until sometime in the future. Well my toddlers are teens now and it was time to get rid of a formerly beautiful couch and matching easy chair. Then my hubby said something I will never forget. ” Why don’t you just recover it in new fabric. The bones of the two pieces are still solid, these are quality pieces you could do something with.” My mind reeled. Me, rehulpolster a chair and an entire couch? Not to worry, any qualms I had about how to make that happen were quickly dispelled after two or three YouTube videos on the subject. And boom I’m much more confident I can tackle this and any other uplostery projects. I didn’t take me long to realize this could be a serious side hustle.
Redoing thrift store finds, or pieces for friends. If you can get really good, you can make it a full time endeavor.
It should be noted that not all YouTube or any other tutorials are created equal. Some people are just better explainers than others. If you run across a couple of tutorials that don’t quite cut it for you just move on, with hundreds of tutorials for each subject you are sure to find someone who can explain it to your liking.

What have you learned on line that could be a side hustle or a brand new line of work? What would you like to learn?


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