Craft Business

For the Love of Chain Maille

03 MAY 2016, 09:46 AM
In my quest to find a profitable business idea and to further my love of learning yet another crafting technique, I started learning about Chain Maille. To the uninformed Chain Maille is simply the metal garments worn underneath a suit of armour. It was originally worn to protect a combatants flesh should their armour be pierced.
Fast forward to the late 80s. Chain Maille began to be produced yet again as a protectant only this time it was to protect divers from shark bites. Today of course this ancient technique is used for everything from gloves that help tighten and loosen threaded metal for industrial use to purely decorative uses, like jewelry and fashion. I am biased of course because I love the look and definately the feel of Chain Maille. The metal circles when intertwined create a fluid moving piece of jewelry, that is sturdy, beautiful and distinctive. And now with all of the beautiful colors Chain Maille metal comes in the design possibilities are endless. Looking at it you might assume that it is overly complicated and hard to learn. But the opposite is true. If you can hold two pairs of pliers steady you can Chain Maille beautifully too. Pay attention to your tutorials and materials and you can be producing beautiful pieces.
Upon looking at websites that sell Chain Maille jewelry and kits it was easy to find pieces for a few hundred dollars and kits for about 150 dollars. These are made using high quality materials and produce beautiful results. If you are new to Chain Maille you can find less expensive jump rings and findings at most jewelry supply. I’m a huge fan of Fire Mountain Gems. Absolutely the most impressive amount of jewelry and craft components you can find. The prices are really good with mix and match bulk pricing and no minimums. You can start inexpensively and work your way up. Check out examples on Etsy and Pinterest. Google examples and tutorials. Check out YouTube for tutorials and also Google sellers of Chain Maille jewelry and kits to see pricing and styles. Let me know how it goes, email me pictures of your work. I love seeing what designers come up with. Until next time, get busy…get dizzy!!!


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