Craft Business

Doilies, Linens, and Hankies Oh My!!

05 MAY 2016, 3:04 pm
Hello again friends hope all are well.
Ok so I am always on the hunt for two things…a profitable side hustle, that could potentially turn into a full time business and wonderful ways to craft the old into the new.
Enter my personal love and addiction for vintage linens. I started out really admiring those flower hankies from my childhood. You know the ones, bold floral prints with scalloped or crocheted edges. Then it started to morph into a complete love for anything linen related. Vintage tablecloths and doilies. Tea towels and placemats. Vintage sheets, pillowcases and raw fabric.
I’m a crazy person when it comes to textiles.
I have notebooks full of ideas to use these items but rarely do because I love my linens so much I don’t want to alter them in any way. Don’t let my disfunction be yours. There are so many ideas to turn these beautiful items into something more useful, decorative, and possibly profitable. I have seen doilies stained with a tea or coffee wash for a more vintage appeal or dyed pretty colors to update them. I’ve seen them embellished with embroidery or beads to give an artistic punch. Then they were used to decorate pillows, made into coverlets for the bed or even used for their original purpose.
I’ve seen vintage sheets turned into beautiful dresses and vintage pillowcases get a crocheted border, stuffed and used as decorative throw pillows for the sofa and chairs. GORGEOUS! I’ve seen people use vintage tea towels for window shades, or two sewn together in a wide tube to be used as an infinity towel in the kitchen. I’ve seen them turned into adorable stuffed animals for children and sewn into chair back covers.
I’ve seen plain teatowels embroidered and beaded and used as special occasion placemats. Really the possibilities are endless. I have actually done this.
While digging through my stash of fabric I came across white linen placemats from the 90s. They had seen better days and had some staining. Instead of dropping them off at Goodwill I had an idea. I grabbed a bottle of purple Rit dye, and an old pitcher. Following the directions on the label I mixed up a small batch and unceremoniously dropped them in. After an hour I retrieved them. A beautiful mottled purple hue was obtained. When they were dry I then chose a vibrant floral green embroidery thread and started the tiny Japanese Satchiko stiches I learned on Pinterest. I’m not finished with this project yet as there are four placemats and I’m always busy with something. But so far the results are even better than I had hoped. I will be placing these in my Esty shop when they are finished.
If you have a thing for vintage linens or if you just want something different, to keep or to sell take advantage of all of the wonderful ideas for upcyling both vintage and yes new linens. Because anything can be made better and to your personal liking. So let me know how it goes, and send pictures. I love seeing what the world creates. So until next time, get busy…get dizzy!!


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