Craft Business

Costume Jewelry: Refash Your Stash

10 MAY 2016, 1:15 pm
Hello friends, hope you all are well.
Today I want to share one of my favorite crafts that can turn into a profitable side hustle. Refashioning old, wornout, ugly, or broken jewelry. Old costume jewelry that has seen better days inevitably winds up in the donation bin at goodwill, or is the last table at the garage sale. Barring expensive costume pieces and items with kitch appeal, broken or truly unuseable pieces can benefit from a redo. If you are stumped as to how to rework these items hop on to Pinterest for more than a few ideas, there are whole boards devoted to broken jewelry crafts. And also my favorite arts and crafts class YouTube. I’ve seen inexpensive broken watches repurposed into bracelets using just the watch faces linked together. I know one person that used beads from a broken necklace as beautiful crystal buttons on an elegant blouse.
Old clip-on earrings can be repurposed into brooches and attached to pumps as instant decorations. I’ve seen pieces of rings and earrings embedded in resin to make interesting necklace pendants. Beads from old necklaces can be made into classical drop earrings and not so attractive costume necklace chains can be shortened and braided with colorful ribbons to be worn as bracelets. Recently I saw a beautiful shadow box in which the artist used broken jewelry pieces to make a relief of a vase with flowers. The results were stunning. Old pierced earrings that have lost their mates can be used to embellish a decorative headband for a vintage appeal.
Really you are only limited by your imagination. So dig out those mismatched, broken, and ugly pieces and get going. See what wonderful things you can make and sell. Until next time get busy…get dizzy!


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