Craft Business

Denim Dreams

24 MAY 2016, 7:00 AM
Hello friends, hope all are well.
So in one of my previous posts, I told you how crazy I am for vintage linens. Well its not just vintage, and not just linens I’m fond of. I’m just a textile hound. I always have been, from scraps of cotton to make a patchwork quilt to warm fuzzy microfleece for adorable baby hats and blankets. Fabric for me is like cooking or sports for other people. It’s my “Thang”.
Well there is one textile I just had to give it’s due. That’s Denim.
Denim is strong, versatile, and stylish. It can be used for a lot more than just jeans and jackets. Back in the day it was novel to see denim made into a dress, or skirt. I still remember my first denim skirt, purchased in the village (Greenwhich) in Manhattan. Above the knee and light washed, it was a tapered cut. I wore it to death.
But these days I have seen hundreds of denim refashes and craft ideas.
The ideas seem boundless, and you know that means the craft for profit potential goes up. That’s my own little gage to see if a craft can be a good fit for a really good side hustle. Not all crafts are created equal.
So, that being said denim is one of those things that have a really good CFPP.
Clothing, soft toys, bedding, table linens, curtains, upholstery fabric, decorative pillows, and yes even jewlery! There are literally hundreds of different things to make and sell. Dabble in a few, or specialize in a niche, it’s all good.
I’ve seen slippers, earrings, rugs, and even boots made from cast off denim. Go crazy, your only limit is you. What great denim ideas do you have? Until next time Get busy….Get dizzy!


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