Craft Business

Your Beautiful Ethnicity!

26 MAY 2016, 06:42 AM
Hello friends,
Hope all are well, and enjoying the beautiful spring weather.
On my quest to find a profitable side hustle with much potential, I looked at and researched many different crafting techniques and business ideas. One thing that I kept noticing was how well ethnic based products did. To me they had a high CFPP, craft for profit potential. There was the lady that specialized in Mandlekuchen, a German holiday cake and the nice lady that makes Tibetan prayer beads, called Malas. I found a merchant that does Satchiko, a Japanese form of embroidery. I studied kumihimo; Japanese braiding and Temari also a Japanese art decorating felt balls with brightly colored thread. I looked at Indian puppets and Mendhi, Indian decorative body art. I saw a man that made beautiful Russian nesting dolls and ladies that make bright beautiful Mexican ponchos and blankets. Native American inspired pottery, or African beads made by a collective. Me personally, I happen to love bobbin lace which is European. Wherever your origins hail from there is bound to be some beautiful craft or delicious food that you could make…and sell! And don’t forget that just because you don’t come from a particular region doesn’t mean you can’t fall in love with a craft or food from that place. Just do your research, connect with others who produce similar products, and practice, practice, practice.
I am of Italian, Indian and Swedish roots, I love my heritage and all the crafts and art asthetics, but I also have a huge love of Victorian bead lace. I had never laid eyes on bead lace until I saw it in a beading book when I was twenty five. It was love at first sight, I instantly wanted to know how to do it. It is a love affair that has only grown and to include so many more techniques. Explore your heritage to get ideas, explore someone else’s if you find a particular love. That’s the wonderful thing about crafters and artisans it doesn’t matter where you come from, we are all united by a love of what we do; of what we make. So until next time Get busy….Get dizzy!


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