Craft Business

Wedding Bells are Ringing

30 MAY 2016, 09:58 AM
Hello friends, I hope you are all well and busy crafting.
In my endless quest to look for profitable crafts (with a high CFPP, craft for profit potential) I inevitably come back to a tried and true favorite…..Wedding crafts and designing. These types of items are always in high demand and brides these days have many options from traditional to trendy. And although wedding vending is highly competetive there are many budgets and many couples looking for something unique.
I’ve seen designer wedding invitations go for over two hundred dollars for a box of a hundred. Design your own and you could clean up. Wether you are great at calligraphy or a wiz at graphic design the possibilities are endless. I’ve seen a business that specializes in topiaries and table decor (think handpainted champagne flutes) and another that designs special runners that the happy couple will walk down the aisle on.
On Etsy there is no shortage of wedding themed merchandise, like matching caps that say bride and groom, or matching shirts for the wedding party. Special signs and banners, tasteful and we’ll executed. You could specialize in bridal gifts, the small tokens that brides and grooms give as appreciation tokens to the wedding party and guests. You could also make wedding jewlery; beaded chokers, delicate bracelets, ect. And if you are really good at designing you could custom make orders in colors to match the bridal party. You can design and make bridal bouquets and boutoneers for the guys. Don’t forget tie pins and cufflinks. I personally have thought about hand embellishing ring pillows and small bridal string purses.
One of the biggest sellers are bridal headpieces, they are smaller and less complicated than designing an entire dress and brides have been known to drop serious moolah for just a decent one, let alone a really good quality one of complicated design. You don’t have to stick to traditional wedding wares, these days people are choosing their wedding venues and themes to be offbeat and your designs can reflect that.
How about wedding party masks for a Halloween wedding. Or matching wedding party parkas for a wedding on a ski slope.
It wouldn’t take too much effort to embroider beautiful things onto an all white parka or coat. I can think of white leys, and grass skirts for a Luau themed wedding. The point is stretch your mind and get those ideas flowing and you could get that green flowing in your direction. If you are stumped for ideas just take a look at wedding magazines and trade publications. You can see what’s trending and take your queues from the professionals or if you have a nifty idea strike out on your own. If you can think it your not far from making it. So until next time Get busy….Get dizzy


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