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Off the Beaten Path: Garden Art and Windchime Design

07 JULY 2016, 10:49 AM
Hello friends, hope all are well and crafting away.
Today’s post is all about the garden, yard, or any outdoor space that can be spruced up and decorated with some fantastic and yes profitable crafts. At first thought you might assume that only those fortunate enough to have a stand alone house with a yard would be interested in garden art, and landscape accessories. But even those that live in urban settings have outdoor spaces that can benefit from your unique sense of style and expertly rendered crafts. Ok so urbanites may balk at the garden gnome that their suburban cousins might adore, but think about the things they might yearn for. Beautiful handmade lanterns, birdfeeders, windchimes, and hand assembled tabletop topiaries. A beautiful beaded curtain at a balcony entrance, or hand embellished Tikki torches. And please don’t forget sumptuous cushions and table linens for outdoor use, or festive tableware and centerpieces.
Traveling from our urban landscape to suburbia, your possibilities only expand. This is the realm of handpainted garden statues and birdbaths. Particularly where I live I know of a man that makes sculptures from tree stumps with his chainsaw and another that makes whirligigs and sculptures from scrap metal that his salvage business collects. We have a store here that is dedicated to flags and garden accessories, named appropriately The Flag Store. Plaster and ceramics are good materials and can be used as outdoor art. Years ago I bought a plaster rendering of a face, that you were supposed to attach to a tree. It was The Green Man, a mythical woodsprite that was said to watch over all nature. I loved it so much I refused to put it outside and instead hangs on my wall. My husband bought me a beautiful wooden gargoyle that again was supposed to go outside but my inate love of gargoyles kept him up high in my kitchen. I know I’m hopeless.
So there is much potential for profit in the great outdoors as long as you do your homework. Look at others designs to help spark your own unique style, and investigate durable, lasting materials because your creations must be out in the elements. Then let your creativity shine, your only limit is your imagination. Until next time Get busy…..Get dizzy!


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