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The Art of Språng

15 August 2016, 10:29 AM
Hello everybody, I hope you are more than fine and busy, busy, crafting and creating.
Today I want to talk about something I have grown to love, probably more than I should. Lol
I want to talk about Språng.
Språng is the oldest known form of woven type textiles. The earliest piece was found in a Scandinavian peat bog. The piece was a woman’s bonnet and it was dated as being from around 1400 b.c.
Originally whenever this type of textile was found, it was mislabeled as an early form of knitting.
Språng is unique in that it has a warp but no weft, so the netting it produces colapses, so the fabric you end up with is form fitting and suitable for stockings and other form fitting garments. In ancient times this was revolutionary as there was no spandex or lycra or any elastic material. Språng is considered to be a dead craft form, since it has since given rise to knitting in all its forms. But it shouldn’t be really because the possibilities are endless with this simple woven type textile. In olden days Språng could be seen in the sashes military officers wore to adorn their uniforms, or predating that it was used to fashion women’s bonnets and stockings.
Well these days there are only a handful of people practicing this ancient textile technique and I am trying to get the word out, because this is part of our collective textile history and it shouldn’t be lost. With all of the wonderful crafters out there I’m sure there are more than one that would love to dive in and resurrect this textile art form. YouTube has tutorials and there are written instructions as well. Join me in preserving this ancient textile method, until next time Get busy……Get dizzy!


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