Hello, I’m Donna Marrillo aka. DizzyDesi

I’m just your average wife and mother trying to have it all, but in style. I’ve worked in retail, the healthcare field and was a stay at home mom for awhile.

I’ve written books (not yet published), studied various needle arts and gourmet cooking. Now I’ve turned my attention to helping my husband write his books and to becoming a blogger.

Just your average woman trying to have it all, but not going broke to do it. I have a passion for quality which often gets overlooked in our disposable society. I don’t think the wealthy should be the only ones to enjoy luxury, we all can. If that means being a devoted DIYer then count me in. I love gourmet meals, beautiful decorations, sumptuous clothes, and nourishing health and beauty products. Above all else quality. I love designing for myself. And I love seeing all the lovely things made by other DIYers out there. So join me on my quest to get the best things, do it for yourself and save money. In the process we can reduce reuse and recycle. That’s a win win!!!


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